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"A LITTLE CLOSER is a hauntingly beautiful film and a remarkable debut.     -Martin Scorcese


"Player's complex emotions, all stemming from the overwhelming sensation of being held close, baldly convey her loneliness and need for physical contact." "Petock and his flawless cast get everything right."  -Jay Weissberg, Variety Magazine


"An exceedingly honest performance by Sayra Player." -Kris Vire, TimeOut Chicago

INSIDE AMY SCHUMER's for "Sandra Gel" ranks among the top female ad parodies. 


 Sandra Gel, a cream for women with low estrogen. Symptoms include not freaking out when you see a text on your boyfriend's phone.

Salemwhen I tried to convince Colin Quinn to burn Amy and Bridget Everett at the stake.

Looking forward to this seasons scene opposite Liam Neeson!